Hello! Welcome to Swallow Hill

My name is Jacqueline Feely and I am the proprietor of Swallow Hill Center.

I think of Swallowhill as a safe space to heal and have worked with clients from all walks of life to help improve their health and well-being with a variety of therapies. I began my career as a psychologist but found myself on a journey towards complementary therapies as I battled with a number of different issues such as chronic fatigue, depression and recurrent infections. Traditional medicine wasn’t giving me answers and I found myself searching in different directions for ways to help myself. This led me to experience different therapies and subsequently to commence my own training in this area. This was the beginning of my path back to wellness; it was also the beginning of a new career path. I started my training in 1989 in the field of bodywork, studying various types of massage, reflexology and stress reduction techniques. I continued from there in nutrition, iridology and over the next few years, I studied Shen Therapy, Craniosacral therapy and Hakomi body-based psychotherapy. In 2010 I trained in Vitaldanza (a mindful-based movement and dance practice), Bio Energy and in 2015 I started my training in Transformational Breath and Mindfulness.

My own journey to health and wellness has both challenged and inspired me and ultimately has contributed to my passion to empower the people I work with on the choices they can make to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Swallow Hill is located at Kilpatrick, one of the highest working land points in Ireland adjacent to two ancient barrows dating back 2,000 years. Each year we are visited by the Swallows having made their journey from the far reaches of South Africa. Their beauty, dedication and determination are inspiring and inspired the name of the center.


I live here with my long term partner, two children, our cat and dog. We are honored to be the custodians of this ancient site and we feel the energy and majesty of this landscape each and every day.


your mind, body and spirit.

Kilpatrick, Rathconrath, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

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