What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a light hands-on work which facilitates a state of deep relaxation in the body allowing an opportunity to restore and rebalance. It works with the innate wisdom of the body mediated via the rhythmic pulsation of cerebrospinal fluid production. With light palpation, the therapist locates areas of restriction which can have their origin in stress, accidents, birth trauma and emotional traumas. These restrictions can be released in a non-invasive way, always working with what the body allows and is ready to release. The client can fall into a meditative state as the body rebalances and sensations of warmth, tingling, expansion, floating, and lightness is all common. Post-treatment the client will feel refreshed, more aligned and balanced. Usually, the body continues to work with the rebalancing over the next 48 hours.


When and where are sessions held?

  • This is a one to one therapy which costs €60 a session.
  • This therapy varies very much from person to person. Generally, 3-4 sessions are common with a frequency of once a week and a follow up within one month from the last session.

What are the benefits?

Spiritual Health

I use visualisation/Journey work alongside Craniosacral therapy for clients who wish to heal patterns from their ancestral lineage promoting a greater clarity within themselves and a stronger sense of spiritual connection.

Mental Health

Craniosacral therapy can be helpful in dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression and in trauma recovery.

Physical Health

Craniosacral therapy helps with pain, digestive disturbances, alignment issues in the structure, stress, anxiety, menstrual issues, menopause, low energy, fibromyalgia. I also work with babies for issues such as colic, tongue tie, irritability, poor feeding and sleep difficulties. It is important to note that Craniosacral therapy does not claim to cure any of these conditions but in the process of rebalancing the symptoms may clear.

CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY: Please select the preferred date and time for your appointment. Please note if this is a first time booking and you have not previously had craniosacral therapy it is advisable to book 3 appointments to ensure continuity of therapy and availability of space with a spacing interval of 1 week-10days between appointments. This can be changed/adjusted if necessary following the initial appointment. A discount of €20 applies to bookings of 3 appointments with full payment.


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