What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a simple practice yet not easy. With guidance and application, it can improve our physical, mental and emotional health. This practice (of which origins is rooted in Buddhism) helps us to stay present with what is here now, rather than getting lost in thoughts about the future or past. We begin to connect with what’s here rather than wishing for something else, we can accept our lives as they are now. This brings a sense of ease to our bodies and mind and creates more ease in our lives. Mindfulness is a practice that improves physical and mental health as it helps us stay in the present and fully participate in life. When we practice mindfulness we develop a sense of kindness and warmth towards ourselves. This compassion begins to radiate outwards and we feel differently towards others, less judgemental, more accepting of whom they are. This helps build a better community and in turn impacts the world around us.


When and where are sessions held?

  • I hold mindfulness classes once a week for one hour. ( it is best to attend a full 8-week course which costs €60 or €10 per individual class) 
  • This course is also available online (please email info.swallowhill@gmail.comto register).
  • One to one Therapeutic Mindfulness sessions are available on line or in person. The cost is €60 for 1 hour.

What are the benefits?

Mental Health

Mindfulness allows us to connect to our emotions with kindness allowing for greater emotional regulation. This enables us to respond rather than react and enhances our relationships with others, benefitting our parenting, our personal and work relationships.

Physical Health

Mindfulness helps relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties.

Well Being

Mindfulness improves wellbeing. The practice of mindfulness supports attitudes of acceptance, allowing, compassion and gratitude all associated with greater levels of contentment with oneself and with one’s life.

MINDFULNESS SESSIONS: One to One therapeutic mindfulness sessions can be booked for online or in person attendance. Please select the preferred date and time. It is recommended that a minimum of 3 sessions are booked to ensure continuity of practice. A discount of €20 applies to bookings of 3 sessions with full payment: €160.Single session €60 for 11/2 hours.

MINDFULNESS CLASSES: Drop in class is available on a Monday evening 7pm-8.15pm. Due to Covid restrictions on numbers it is necessary to notify in advance of attendance by email to ensure space availability. Cost €10 per class.


MINDFULNESS ONLINE CLASSES: Please sign up to our mailing list for details of the next online class. A course of 8 classes are run over 8 consecutive weeks for 75 minutes per class. Cost €65.


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