My Background in Meditation and Mindfulness.

My own journey with meditation began when I was 21 years old when I trained in the Transcendental Meditation method. I was interested in Eastern approaches to health and this had led me to meditation. I subsequently trained in an American based Stress Reduction Programme in 1990 which incorporated meditation into its programme. This was indeed quiet forward thinking in its approach at that time, and, formed the basis for my group programmes in Stress Reduction and Well Being. My more recent trainings bring mindfulness and meditation into a practical daily lived experience which I believe is much needed in today’s world.

This course on mindfulness is firmly based on the principles of meditation mindfulness and compassion. It incorporates the more recent views and research in compassion and mindfulness, together with the traditional foundations of meditation. It offers the

participants an opportunity to fully understand the practices and the concept of bringing mindfulness to life in their everyday circumstances. Within this course I also integrate aspects from my knowledge, trainings and experience in the areas of body work, breath and conscious connected movement to facilitate a deep understanding for all participants and to deepen our connection to the body, the breath and to our presence.


This 8 week course offers you the space to learn how to build and maintain a Daily mindfulness Practice. It combines the essential aspects of mindfulness with the holding created by self-compassion. These are what are described as the two wings of mindfulness on which our practice is based.

Following from this course you will have the opportunity to connect with a regular online practice to help to sustain and reinforce their practice and to build and be part of a mindfulness community.

Each class is accompanied with a follow up email with a link to resources, practices, and exercises for journaling plus additional guidance relevant to the class content.

The course is inclusive of a one to one hour long individual session of therapeutic mindfulness which is additional to the 8 classes and will be scheduled to suit each participant over the 8 week programme.


 (Note the exact content of this course may vary slightly depending on the needs of the group)

The Fundamentals

*What is mindfulness?

* History and evolvement of mindfulness.   

*Common misconceptions of mindfulness. 

* Reflective questions and journaling.  Difficulties we experience in our practice.

* Cultivating the beginners mind. 

*The Monkey mind. 

*The Mind Storm.

*The use of anchors.

Developing the practice

*The nature of implicit memory-how we hold onto the negative- the negativity bias.

*The Fight/flight/freeze reaction in the body.

*Cultivating our awareness via formal and informal practices.

*The Window of Presence.

*The three relationships.

*The role of attitude. Commitment, Self-discipline and Intentionality.

*Exploring our Resistance.

* The two arrows of suffering-meeting pain and discomfort.

*The role mindfulness plays in Stress management.

Deepening our Practice

*Exploring Breath deeper. 

*What is Neuroscience teaching us about our neural pathways?

*METTA the practice of Loving Kindness.

 *The Yin and Yang components of Self-Compassion.

*Working with difficult emotions.

*The Practice of RAIN

*Cultivating our Inner garden- the Role of Gratitude, Acceptance, Allowing, Non attachment,                                   Trust, Patience, and Openness.

*Meeting our Inner critic.

* The nature of our beliefs and how they impact us physically/emotionally/mentally.

*Bringing our Practice out into the world.

*Sustaining our practice.

“Whether this moment is happy or not depends on you. It’s you who makes this moment happy, not the moment that makes you happy. With mindfulness, concentration and insight, any moment can become a happy moment”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Cost: The 8 week programme is €120. Concessions are available; please let me know of your requirements.

The Course is offered for 8 consecutive weeks at various intervals throughout the year. Please email for details of forthcoming courses.

The maximum number of participants per course is 10 people.


your mind, body and spirit.

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