The following are samples of short guided meditations which introduce the practice of mindfulness and can be used at any time during the day.

With these practices, it is good to set aside a 10 minute period during which time you will not be disturbed.

Mindfulness of breath uses the breath as an anchor to focus the awareness.
Mindfulness of sound uses sound as an anchor to focus the awareness.

The Progressive Relaxation practice is used to help the body release stored tension and to create relaxation.

The Body scan is a useful practice to build our awareness of our body and allow us to connect with the felt sense of body sensations.

The’ Wishing Ourselves and others Well’ is a practice that helps us to connect with kindness towards ourselves and others.

These meditations are suitable for adults and teenagers. If a practice feels uncomfortable, give yourself permission to take a break and come back to the meditation later, or choose another guided meditation.

Mindfulness of Breath

Mindfulness of Sounds

Progressive Relaxation

Body Scan

Wishing ourselves and others well


your mind, body and spirit.

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