What is Transformational Breath?

It is said that how we breathe is how we live. Transformational Breath is a self-responsible healing method which uses a conscious connected breath to facilitate the body and mind in clearing and integrating negative emotions. Our breath is a powerful ally in our healing journey. When we choose to connect with our breath in this way we are assessing our ability to reconnect to areas within our body which have held tensions. Transformational Breath helps us to open and release restricted breathing patterns, by opening our diaphragm fully we can inhale fully and exhale fully. We become responsible for our healing and we feel less a sense of being the victim within our lives and more a sense of choice.


When and where are sessions held?

  • This is a one to one therapy which costs €60 a session and lasts approximately 90 minutes. 
  • These sessions can be done online or in-person (please email info.swallowhill@gmail.comto book either). 
  • You can also participate in a 1-day or 2-day workshop. After 4 to 5 facilitator guided sessions you will be able to begin guiding your own personal sessions for yourself.

What are the benefits?

Spiritual Benefits

Transformational Breath facilitates in connecting with our own inner values. It can open us to our inner wisdom helping us feel more grounded and directed in our lives. It can facilitate access to higher states of consciousness which can help us feel part of something greater promoting an enhanced spirituality.

Mental Health

Transformational breath can improve your mental & emotional wellbeing and quality of life by increasing your awareness of self-sabotaging behaviours and thought patterns, clearing away past traumas, depression and so boosting your self-esteem and confidence along with creating a deeper connection with others and inner wisdom, and a fuller expression of loving and joyful emotions.

Physical Health

Each session leads to deep relaxation, improves your sleep pattern, increases oxygenation throughout the body and energy levels. It can also help with respiratory ailments, headaches, asthma, psychosomatic illnesses, and anaerobic diseases.

TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH SESSIONS: Please select the preferred date and time for your appointment. Please select whether this appointment is in person or by online facilitation. For those booking a Transformational Breath session for the first time, it is important to note that 3 sessions need to be booked with a 1 week/10 day interval between sessions. For those who have experience of transformational breathwork, this is not a requirement. A discount of €20 applies to bookings of 3 appointments with full payment: €160. Single session: €60 for 11/2 hour treatment.


your mind, body and spirit.

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