What is VitalDanza?

Vitaldanza is a system of mindful movement and dance. Its origins stem from Biodanza, and Vitaldanza has evolved from the work of Patricia Martello and the ViDA School of Vital Development developed by her. Movement has the ability to heal our bodies. Very often we restrict our movement to ‘fit in‘ so as not to ‘stand out’. We condition ourselves and our movements into what is ‘acceptable’. The nature of the body is to move, it is intrinsic to its health and wellbeing. Vitaldanza creates a connection with our body, with our breath building a sense of presence, a sense of grounding, of exploration, a sense of meeting ourselves beyond words. We foster new connections not just with ourselves but with others and with the earth. We begin to see from new perspectives and to feel from new places within us. We move from what we previously thought as ‘impossible’ for us, to a place of ‘ I’m possible’.


When and where are sessions held?

  • A class will take up to 1 and 1⁄2 hours. Longer workshops are held which can be up to 6 hours long over a day with intervals and breaks between dance themes. 
  • A class will cost €12. A workshop costs €45-€55 depending on the duration.
  • Online classes are also available and are scheduled throughout the year. Please join the mailing list for details of upcoming classes/workshops.

What are the benefits?

Spiritual Health

Movement allows us to embrace ourselves more completely allowing us to experience the dimension of who we are bringing us an appreciation and a greater sense of our spiritual nature.

Mental Health

Participants find Vitaldanza aids relaxation, as well as lifting the mood and contributing to a sense of well-being. Working with others in a group gives a feeling of connection – building trust, teamwork and friendship.

Physical Health

Vitaldanza helps with body posture, expressive qualities, communication skills, body language, kinaesthetic sensations, respect and love for yourself and the others. Dance releases creativity and spontaneity, as well as bringing all the benefits of moderate exercise. 

VITALDANZA MINDFUL MOVEMENT: Please sign up to our mailing list for details of our next online classes/workshops.


your mind, body and spirit.

Kilpatrick, Rathconrath, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

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